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Miss Wisconsin Rapids

Mandi Genord

Miss Northern Lights' Outstanding Teen 2018

Miss Wisconsin's Outstanding Teen 2018


Education: Portage High School


Hometown: Montello, WI


Platform: Lets Move!


Talent: Dance

What do you hope to accomplish as Miss Northern Lights OT? As
Miss Northern Lights Outstanding Teen I hope to persuade the people of my community
to follow me in my Platform, “Let’s Move”. I have a plan to go into the preschools and
elementary schools of my community, and educate the children of this generation on the
importance of treating your body in a beneficial way. As a dance student and dance
teacher, I have witnessed how much happier a physically fit child can be. I have also
been able to find inspiration in my 4-year- old cousins, Sydnie and Piper. My cousins
have inspired me to set a positive example to not only them, but all kids of all
generations. For this reason I have the motivation to go into their preschools and teach
them a small dance class, to get them moving and keeping them active in a way that
makes them happy. This title that I have been honored to hold as a job, will give me the
confidence and support to inspire children of all generations to live a happy and healthy


Scholarship, Style, Service, or Success? I find all four points of the crown to be
important in any aspect of life. However, I also believe that Service is the most
important in my lifestyle. I have grown up living a very blessed and fortunate life. This
has taught me to be more thankful for what I have received, and give to those who don’t
have as much as I do. One of the organizations I have worked with is the “Dancers
Against Cancer” foundation. This organization has given so many families and children
affected by cancer, the opportunity to continue to follow their passion, with less of a
worry. What I have learned through working with this foundation, is that giving back to
the people of your community will not only make them feel better and happier, but it will
also give you the same relief and joy. I am honored to have witnessed this experience
first hand in my community, and I urge everyone else to give back to your community as


What does the Miss America Organization mean to you? The Miss America
Organization is a job opportunity for me to go into my community, and have a positive
effect upon the people living in it. This organization is a chance for me to have a second
family who I can count on for support. I know that I will have the support of my beliefs to
live a healthy lifestyle, and get the kids of my community involved in one as well. With
this organization, I have received a chance to make a true difference in society today. I
hope to live up to the expectations of such an opportunity, and create a world in which
every child will live in a healthier way.


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